Augmented Reality: Where Mind and Matter Meet
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Costs can be lowered not only because augmented reality is visual and intuitive but also it can be configured at will. Product returns will be low when customers are able to virtually experience their ability to meet their needs. Transaction costs will be lower as searches can be done virtually on mobile or computer screens. Marketing and advertising costs will be lowered as customers share the immersive content that goes with them. Complex products are easier to sell when their utility is simulated in real life situations with ease. New products can be launched more easily as their use cases can be tested virtually and successful solutions communicated to customers in the context of their own environments and activities.

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Global Supply Chains: the connecting tissue for dispersed supply centers
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International Procurement Operations (IPOs) are the nerve centers of decision-making for efficient global procurement operations. Expansion into low-cost countries brings within the fold of an extended enterprise a coalition of suppliers, buyers and logistics companies who can be more productive when they work in concert. IPOs forge a network, whose members are initially tenuously tied to each other by their transactions, into an interconnected global procurement network joined together by long-term relationships. The several poles of decision-making local to a department, business unit or geography are merged into a synchronized management process that spans the global procurement network.

Hedge Funds: alpha for the masses
September 6, 2012 – 6:48 am | No Comment
Hedge Funds: alpha for the masses


The specter of inflation has increased the appetite for capital preservation among endowments and foundations – and these investors have targeted rates of return that can’t be achieved with today’s low-yielding bonds. Alternative investments in …

Predictive Analytics: ready for surprises
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Predictive Analytics: ready for surprises


Customers can now see that the early CRM technologies had a modest objective of accumulating transaction data. The truth is that the “irrational optimism” about CRM clouded judgments in the 1990s. The “irrational pessimism” that …

Balanced scorecards: numbered for excellence
September 5, 2012 – 11:29 pm | One Comment
Balanced scorecards: numbered for excellence

Autonomous business units within a larger corporation have a life of their own far removed from the efficiency concerns of headquarters. The balanced scorecard methodology lets enterprises delve deeper into financial numbers to understand the …

Innovation Through Collaboration
January 19, 2011 – 12:22 am | No Comment